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SLC Tools

I'm going to suggest a source for smoother and mixing paddles Bon Tool- they ship UPS or may have a dealer nearby, reasonably priced. Tools are listed as epoxy equipment

Mixer (egg beater type) part no.....12-851-B7.... This may be cheaper at a big box.

Smoothing paddle 18"...14-916

Adjustable spreader 24"...12-689-B10 (small jobs not critical)

Smoother and spreader come with 5' broom handle.

Custom Levelquik ES Home depot will get this for you. You must tell them it is a SPECIAL ORDER MODEL # LQESL50.

[Edit, CX, 02-22-17, from Custom through alert reader lojoma] "This particular product will be a special order for Home Depot. The special order SKU # is 307254. The item number you provided is correct (LQESL50). Your local Home Depot will need to call our customer support for pricing."
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This is as bad as it can get, but don't count on it.

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