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SLC procedure

First and most importantly read and follow the directions for prepping the substrate prior to priming. This is the most important part of the job. All Mfrs. of SLCs require the same procedures. Oil, grease, sealers, adhesives, etc must be removed. Then BROOM the primer into the substrate with a soft bristle push broom. Eliminate puddles. If you do not follow these procedures the job WILL fail.

Aroumd the full perimeter of the floor (and this applies to large or small jobs) attach some self sticking insulating foam. It comes in rolls, the 1/4" thick material will do. The width depends on how high your pour will be. You can trim off the excess with a sheetrock knife after the SLC hardens. This permits expansion of the SLC and will prevent tenting of your tile.

Lets take a 2,000 SF @ ¼” it’s really not that big a deal. Four men can handle it easily. On smaller jobs, say a bathroom, have at least one helper. Lets assume it’s already primed and ready to pour. I’m going to figure 75 bags if yield per bag is 27 SF @ ¼”. To do this you will need:

2 mixing barrels
2 drills (1 for backup)
1 long extension cord
1 water-measuring pail
1 5 gal water pail to periodically rinse off the mixing paddle
1 small dolly
1 garden hose
1 smoothing paddle
1 30-40 gal. clean plastic garbage pail
1 plastic drop cloth (for mixing area)

Fill the garbage pail with water; keep the hose charged in order to refill the garbage (reservoir) pail as you use water.

Open about 70 bags of material with a utility knife.

Start mixing, mix two bags at a time, mixing requires two of your men, when the first batch is mixed place it on the dolly and one man transports it to the pour area where he and the spreader pour it. While that batch is being transported and spread, another batch is being mixed in the 2nd mixing barrel. Repeat until complete.

Allowing 3 minutes per 2 bag batch that’s not quite 2 hours.

You must size up the job in advance. Make sure you have enough hose and extension cord. Defend against other trades using your water and power sources Keep a small pail handy with a few handfuls of dry SLC in it in case you see a leak. Throw a handful into the leak it will plug right up. If you are working in hot weather try to get some BLOCK ice for the reservoir (your favorite beer distributor) or lots of bagged ice if no block is available.

I have seen a lot of concern about melding the old material with the new, perhaps the stuff your using sets up too quickly, you should have at LEAST 10 minutes before it does.

I know, I know, I didn’t allow any time to assemble all the material in place or to install stops (dams) or for standing around.
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