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Sealing stone before grouting

Question regarding grouting and natural stone. Hoping Mapei Technical also sees this as I will be using Mapei Ultracolor Plus FA grout

The same deco tile I posted previous needs to be sealed before grout. Trouble is the tile has ridges so I cannot figure a way to seal without getting sealer on the sides of the tile. I have tested with water with various methods and the best I can do is about 1/2 the side of the tile wet and 1/2 dry, but even that is tough, meaning very easy to get sealer on the entire side of the tile.

Will this pose a problem with the grout if the sides of the tile are sealed? This tile will be on one of our shower walls floor to ceiling (a 4' X 10' wall) so there is a lot of it to do!!

Thanks again in advance.
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