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Welcome, Elizabeth.
Originally Posted by Elizabeth
Thanks for checking out my first post and providing any incite you may have.
Actually, we try our best not to be allowin' nobody to be inciting anything at all, hereabouts. But we got some folks more difficult to control than others.

If you'll post some photos of your shower it might be very helpful. Us the paper-clip icon above the Reply dialog box.

While there are foam (not styrofoam) backerboards made for shower applications, that doesn't sound like what you have. And using part foam and part CBU doesn't really make any sense to me at all.

And using either backer board over sheetrock makes even less sense, particularly since you don't indicate any sort of waterproofing material either on the backer boards or behind them.

And we'd wanna know what sort of shower pan you have with this installation.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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