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Went through an Osha audit regarding this a few years ago..My Dad has some Lung problems from years of exposure and we are very cautious about airborne Silica these days.
It's really a matter of duration and concentration of exposure..My guess is your probably just fine but only a doctor can determine that.
This is one positive ( And I'm NOT a big fan of OSHA or regulation) thing that fines and regulation have done for many of us. Being aware and taking preventative measures are very simple.
As a stone Fabricator we are especially at risk and we have become a 100% wet fabrication shop as a result. Tile crews need to be aware that stone ( like Granite) concrete, cement board, and even thinset and grout dust can be bad if you breath it in every day..Also slap your pants sometime...The stuff gets everywhere and can come home with you.

You can't stop living but you can be smart. Sounds like your doing just that by asking.
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