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Window saga cont'd

So the HOA agreed to fix the bathroom window.

The management company showed up with the contractor and we agreed the next steps.
We agreed that the current window design is flawed. It is installed from the inside out against a round stucco mold and will always leak. As such, the window has to be replaced. I will spare you the details but there are pics of that abomination at the beginning of the thread.

They showed up a few weeks later to do the work. The boss dropped off a few workers and left. They demo'd the stucco and took the window out. I caught them just in time about to install back the original window. They showed up without a window. After a little bit of drama I halted them. The association manager stopped by and I reminded them we agreed that a new window has to be put in place. The association manager said: "But where are we going to get a new window from?" "and now there is a hole in the wall so what are we going to do?"
Turned out the contractor is a stucco person, not a window company.

In the interest of moving the project forward, I said that I will buy the window and they can install it. I even had to supply them with Ply to board up the window opening (which is how it has been for a number of weeks now).

I bought this window from HD and it is finally here:

Since I don't trust them to install the window, i built this frame for it myself (see pics).
The diagonal support are just screwed in for the pics. they are out now so the window frame can be screwed in.
Next time they come, assuming they are happy to use what I created, I'll install the window to the frame myself and attach it to the window with tapcons. This way the only thing they really have to do is the stucco (which is where their "expertise" lie anyway).
I know it is odd, but this is how they do windows down here (wood to cinderblocks and stucco on the outside).

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Much like this project, my posts are still under construction

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