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Hydraflex usage - cracks vs full slab - Garage Tile

Will be tiling garage floor slab in (approx 1000 sq ft) in next few weeks. Contractor is a TEC user such that Hydraflex will be used at a minimum on control joints/cracks. I am considering treating entire floor with Hydraflex at of course increased cost. Soliciting opinions with some amount justification/rationale behind as to benefits of treating entire floor. Tile is 24x24 rectified porcelain, will be using epoxy grout from spectralock ("pro" I believe), at my personal request.

Supposedly will run me an extra $2500 for treating entire floor instead of just obvious areas/cracks, etc.

I do wash cars in my garage frequently. Trench drain along 2-stall door rear, as such has adequate slope. 3rd stall is "more" flat, very gradual slope. Garage floor does not have vapor barrier below slab, is on mostly sandy ground. In Iowa so temperature swings with "moderately cold" winters.

Thanks guys/gals!
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