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Originally Posted by LaceyG
It’s not complete as you can see, and I don’t want to be critical on work that is still in process
Lacey, do be critical. As the paying customer, you have the right to be critical. You are paying for a correctly constructed shower and are still not getting what you are paying for, as clearly pointed out above.

I'm not a pro and I've never built a traditional PVC liner shower. But, I have been on this forum long enough to pick out ALL of the same things that LAZ and BIGPHIL have pointed out just by looking at photos. I am confident that other pros have read both of those responses and found them accurate and comprehensive, not bothering to add a +1.

You are saving everyone time and money by stopping this now and either: 1) getting your contractor to get his tile guy to do it right, or 2) find someone who can.

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