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Welcome to the forum, Lacey! I suggest putting an immediate pause on any further work! A few issue I see right off the bat: 1) they've used mechanical fasteners on the inside and top of your curb. Using the traditional PVC pan liner such that you have, that is a big mistake and against the plumbing code. If the previous liner is any indication of the new one, it also doesn't appear to extend to the front of the curb too. 2) it looks to me that that they've used a mix of alkali resistant mesh tape as well as regular paper tape on the shower. The paper tape should not have been used. It also appears to have all been set with drywall mud and not thinset mortar. 3) I'd have like to have seen proper wood blocking between the studs to support the pan liner. 4) pan liner corners look dodgy nor does it appear the pan liner rises above the curb the required minimum amount. 5) curb looks a little low. It must be a minimum of 2" above the drain in height. I'm sure there are some other issues here, but reason #1 would be enough already to warrant another redo already!
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