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Tile floor and Kerdi/ditra advice

Hello---new to the forum and would appreciate any advice/guidance on the following.

Project- Laundry room floor

Room is 5'x8'

Subfloor is 3/4" T&G plywood supported by 2x10 joists (in good condition) 16" OC spanning 13.5' (appears to exceed minimum deflection requirements for ceramic tile).

Currently the washing machine sits in a large hard plastic washing machine drain pan (with a 3" drain in the center)

Replace existing linoleum with ceramic brick tile (approx. 9"x3" tile).

Plan is to:
-Ensure floor is flat (or take steps to flatten within required tolerances.
-Remove/dispose of large plastic drain pan (just to big and bulky and does not fit the new plan to effectively enclose (sides and top) of new washer/dryer
-Build a platform directly on the plywood subfloor for Washer and Dryer to sit on that would be 4" above finished floor height. The platform would also have a 2" tall lip all around the three sides (back is a wall).
-Install Ditra over plywood subfloor (around the washer/dryer platform then tile (using schluter instructions/materials).
-I would like to take steps to limit the extent of any water damage in the event of a washing machine or hose leak

I have considered and ruled out using a drain pan and have been considering taking steps to waterproof the area/platform, that the washing machine would sit on, so that any leak would be contained and funnel to the drain in floor (understanding that as it would not be sloped it would still be effective in the event of any significant leak---the old --"an once of prevention is worth....").

I would like to use something like the kerdi membrane to waterproof (or liquid redgard) ---but dont want to have to tile over it. I would ultimately put some plywood over the area where the washing machine feet would be to prevent any excess wear on the kerdi.

1) Any issues with using the ceramic brick tile --given the floor characteristics and use of ditra?
1) As it relates to the area i would like to waterproof under washing machine---should I put some type of finish or material over the kerdi/redgard that would protect it (thinset, mortar, etc..). I know Schluter would always indicate it should be tiled.
2) As an alternative to kerdi--should I consider using something like an Oatly PVC liner

Thank you for your help
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