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Top bed done!!!

“Got er done”. Took me about 3 hours from set up to clean up. I took a little more time with this top bed and took more time with the finishing trowel to make it a little prettier (not that my preslope wasn’t a beauty queen but you get my point).

Placed gravel around the lower flange and weep holes and packed bed mud around that first. Then dumped mud and proceeded to build bed as I’ve been taught.

Those pock marks you may or may not see in the finish are not really there....just the way the camera took pics in the areas that were a little darker or grainier maybe? .....I dunno....but it’s pretty dang smooth. Also, so I don’t get a tounge lashing, just a reminder that screw holes you see down low in rear wall panel were there prior to me dropping that panel down to its current position. There are no screws penetrating the liner down that low. I will mortar those when everything else gets mortar and step.

I did have one issue that hung me up a little. Thought I had where slope meets drain meets tile figured out in advance. But, in the course of working the mud, I kinda forgot about the tile to drain transition. I originally sloped everything to top of drain like preslope, then realized drain needed to set a little higher to accommodate for tile. Luckily, I had generously sloped the bed (over 3/4” in 2’) plenty of slope to accommodate the mid course correction. I spun the drain up 1 full turn, and then did a minor secondary slope around the drain at about a 10”-12” radius (hope that makes sense). Top of floor tiles will end up just slightly above the drain.

Everything still slopes nicely to the drain, with the final 10” getting an extra 1/8” coming in just below the drain to accommodate tile height. Layed a few tiles out and up from the drain and looks like it should transition smoothly up and away from drain without any lippage. I do have a backup plan if it looks funny when I do the floor layout......I can switch to a smaller floor tile and should be able to eliminate any lippage. Don’t think I’m going to need to go that far. far as putting down the plastic sheeting, should I let the mud dry for a few hours or put the plastic down right away? Will wait for your words of wisdom on that one

Stay safe out there!
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