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CBU panels re arranged...Gap and screw Question.

Larger CBU panels installed on lower sections yesterday.

Was paying more attention to making sure things were in plane (forgot I had to do some shimming on first go round so some of that had to be re done also)
and forgot to make sure boards were pushed together all the way. Ended up with 1/8” gap across back wall and 1/4” shrinking to 1/8” on niche wall (see pic).

Question....can I thinset and alkali resistant tape these and move on?

I have read that Durock used to recommend 1/8” gap between boards but now install instructions read “Fit ends and edges of panels closely but not forced together”. Just looking for some real life experience with thinset and tape at these joints. Obviously don’t really want to pull these panels again to take up this small gap.

Second question is in regard to screw placement at the bottom of the panels. I know I can’t put screws at bottom of panels high off liner floor “and curb” should I have the last/lowest screw? I stopped at a “very conservative” roughly 11”-12” above liner floor on side walls and 8” above curb. I do have a little flaring at bottom of right side (Non shower head) wall. Another screw down lower would take care of a lot of this and deck mud will take care of the rest (Deck mud might even take care of all of it). Logically, when I think about it, I should be able to go maybe 4” above curb and 6” or 7” above liner floor with last screw? NEED Input please.

Inside face of curb is currently 3 1/2” high... outside face is 5” high.

When looking at picture, the holes in CBU you see on back wall down low near liner are just holes from when that board was up higher. There were never any screws placed in those holes after board was re located down low to its current position. Those will be filled with thinset prior to RedGard.

As always, thanks in advance for any input.

Stay safe out there!!!
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