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Thumbs up Thanks CX!!

Plan was always to tape, fill all joints, and waterproof all walls with a liquid membrane. I will proceed forward trying to use as few 11” strips as possible.

Also, thanks for the input on curb and deck order.

Another question for CX and Davy.....

I switched brands of pre-mixed dry pack from Sakrete to a brand called Paragon (due to Sakrete unreasonable recommendation of setting tile within 24 hrs of completing mud bed or wait 28 days!!!!) Paragon is a local AZ Company. Their mix is 4:1. I noticed in another recent thread that CX is reccommending 5:1 for the top mud bed. I realize this is a personal preference thing but, will the 5:1 mix give me a MUCH better result on top bed? I can throw more sand in this pre mix if necessary to get the best results. Trying to follow the rules.....just need to know real importance of 5:1 on top bed.

Stay safe out there!!!
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