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HOA have said that they will fix the window (fingers crossed), so waiting on that...

In the mean time, here are exhaust fans related questions.
  • This master bath is approx 150 sqf
  • a tiny portion of that is a toilet with a door and a fan that's as old as the house.
  • No other fans in this entire master bath .
  • I am planning to replace the existing fan with an 80CFM Broan roomside one (I like their modern looking grills).
  • I am planning to add a fan with a built-in light and moisture sensing directly over the shower (also Broan).
  • I know there are inline fans, but for this use case, i think a separate fan is better for its light and separate moisture control.

  1. I would prefer to not have to deal with the HOA to approve a new duct hole. From what I have researched, I could hook the new shower fan, through a wye to the toilet duct. Right? From previous fans I have installed, they had dampers that prevents air from flowing inwards. It can further be mitigated by pleading with the Mrs. to turn on the toilet fan while showering.

  2. Lights over a shower need to be wet rated but don't need to be connected to a GFCI AFAIK. A fan over a shower does need to be connected to a GFCI. Does that mean that I can connect the Fan's light leads to the current light switch (no GFCI) while connecting only the Fan power leads to a GFCI?

Much like this project, my posts are still under construction
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