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1) don't see why that wouldn't work. It may be best to still cover all the open gaps with metal lathe and fat mud and just finish it even with the wall. You may then waterproof right on that.
2) you sure could. You'd need to deal with rounded edges so the tape sits flat. The Kerdi shower book shows nice details like that for waterproofing rounded benches.
3) with such a hybrid setup, your choice of waterproofing can be any such method. If using alkali resistant tape, be sure to embed it in modified mortar.
4) I have no experience with Kerdi board but it is an XPS foam board too, so I don't see why not. Do some research to see if you can find such a method used with that board. I'd still suggest re-waterproofing the entire board again such as outlined previously when using Wedi.
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