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Well well well. Here we are. Finished last night, and the grout should hit its 7day cure tomorrow so i can actually use it.
(And thanks for the tip, Tool Guy KG)
Some more notes....

1) I bought the vanity from Floor and Decor. It seemed better quality and a bit cheaper than HD/Lowes. They do NOT sell sidesplashes or backsplashes for it, other than the backsplash it comes with. They will not give you the manufacturer of the vanity. Nothing. So if you need a new part (like a sidesplash) you are out of luck. Very disappointed.

2) Hexagon involves a lot of cuts. I love the look, but will avoid in the future.

3) We got lucky. The hexagon tile "Near Beige", American Olean", Lowes, was actually part of a series. The bullnose, the small hex tiles in the niche and the 12x24 tiles i chopped to border the niche were all the same series.

4) Lot of buildup to cover the prefab niche and tape. But overall the tiles are fairly level.

5) The caulk kicked my ass. Silicone is a mess. About halfway through (and some sad googling) i discovered that rubbing alcohol makes a great lube and was able to use it on the walls, scraper, finger, etc. Alcohol solves so many things! It was super expensive, but matched the grout. (Custom something something premix grout)
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