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Once upon a time, (beginning of "the great plague"), my 6 year old left a glop of hand sanitizer on the wood table. It took the finish right off.

Fast forward a few months, we were living in a AirBnB and my 3 y/o got bored and dipped his fingers into candle wax and drew all over the windows. Remembering my table's finish, i decided to try the sanitizer on the wax on the windows too. Worked great.

Fast forward to yesterday...
My redgard primer coat leaked all over the tub. I finally tried scrubbing it off and it was not going anywhere. But, its 2020! We all carry hand sanitizer like Hank Hill carries WD-40.

Notes: Rubbing alcohol would have probably worked too, but hand sanitizer was on hand. Also, it is thick, so it didnt run all over the place.

Hand sanitizer plus a nylon scrubby removed the redgard easily from my cast iron tub.
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