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Waterproofyness time.
1) Redgard is basically liquid rubber. Add water to it, it becomes -- very runny liquid rubber. Still a mess.
2) A challenge to remove from arm hair.
4) Tape everything. Then dropcloth. Then probably more tape.

First I placed the mesh tape down and covered the gap in the SIKA sealant pictured. Remove tape sooner than later, or the tape becomes one with your wall.

Let dry overnight, and then i was ready to start.
1 part redgard, 4 parts water. This went a long way -- maybe a cup of RG? i was scooping with a sour cream container, so my measurements arent too sharable. Stir a lot.

I applied with a small roller, and with a paintbrush.
ROLL UP. Not down. Rolling up splashes on the wall. Rolling down splashes on your face and arms and tub and grout and.....etc.
Waiting for this to dry, and off to step 2+3 (more full str. redgard)

Oh, and my wife has settled on a color + tile.
Floor tiles will go up the front/back of the tub, and the blue tiles will go up the wide part.
BLue walls on top. White wainscotting on the bottom. Navy blue vanity with white top. (or, thats the current plan....)

One question -- large format thinset on a 8x8ish hexagon. What happens here? I was unable to figure out what happens when LF thinset is used on smaller tile.
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