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It has an 80-liter tank. Burn rate depends on lots of things, most of which is altitude (on planes, RPM is altitude, pitch is speed). The thing is generally safer to fly low versus a fixed-wing, since you don't need all that much open space to do an emergency landing and it can safely fly slower and, burn rate can vary from about 8l/hour to nearly 25. So, that would give you around 3-4 hours or so in typical terms. Ground speed could vary all over the place depending on the wind direction and velocity and your direction of travel. I saw over 100mph ground speed when flying it in Italy on that initial test flight. Regulations require you to have enough fuel to fly to your intended destination plus a minimum of 20-minutes (a fixed-wing requires more since their safe landing spots tend to be fewer), in practical terms, that could be anywhere from a couple of hundred miles (or less if fighting a strong headwind) or over 400 or so. I'll have a more practical idea after I burn though a bunch during the required test period (40-hours on the engine).

This type of plane is safer than a fixed wing and helicopter given its inherent stability, inability to stall, high maneuverability, and slow landing speed with short roll-out. On a helicopter, if you have an engine failure, you've got often less than half a second to react, or there's no way to recover. On just continues to fly and starts to gradually descend if the engine goes out. They've become much more popular in the last 10-years (invented in 1927) as more manufacturers have come out with more viable, modern designs. The kits of yesterday were an accident waiting to happen. These newer ones are quite a bit different.
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