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Yellow isn't my favorite color, but I don't hate it. I chose it for maximum visibility as the plane is small and often is flying slow...anything to make it more visible to others is useful. The Dynon displays allow you to hook up an external camera to them...I added one to look behind so I could tell if a big jet was crawling up my ass on a taxiway. Where most of them would be landing, it would be a towered airport, so they would help prevent someone coming up behind, but on any untowered airport, there are lots of planes that generally fly faster, often don't use their radio, so anything that helps seemed to be a useful addition. At least at the factory, I was the first one to install one. It's a pretty cheap addition, the camera is a car backup camera available on Amazon for less than $20. The USB dongle to adapt it to the display was about $180, so for less than $200, it adds, what I consider, a useful safety feature. It also lets you get a view from behind before you crank up the motor.
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