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The two EFIS list for less than $10K combined, not counting wiring, sensors, and installation. So, no new pickup! THe certified version of those only adds about $5K...built on the same production line, but come with more paperwork to prove they're certified.

This gyroplane is sold as a certified aircraft in most of the world, but in the US, you (for now) must build at least 51% and register it as experimental. If you were to buy it as a complete airplane in the US, you'd have to register it as exposition, and get advance permission to fly it anywhere...really limiting. It may be available by the end of the year as a certified aircraft in the US. Registered as experimental, you as the builder can do any work on it you feel comfortable with including making changes. On a certified aircraft, other than simple things like changing the oil, you need to pay a certified aircraft repairman to do most anything on the thing to remain legal...adding a significant cost to ownership.
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