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New Toy

I've been working towards a pilot's license for seems to be much harder the older you get, and I'm no spring chicken! Anyway, last month, I got my sport pilot license for gyroplanes, and then ordered a new plane. The 30th of June, I flew to Milan, Italy and built my new plane with factory assistance. We started on that Tuesday, and finished it the next Tuesday, then I flew it on Wednesday. Now, I'm waiting for it to show up in New's supposed to be stuffed in a container and moved by ship to my airport in Nashua, NH (KASH). Anyway, here's a few of the inside showing the instrument panel (the protective film is still on the displays) and another from outside where we took it to test fly it. After we did some loops and landings to check and balance the rotor blades (they're balanced to 1g before mounting, then they fine tune them with a fancy accelerometer and special software), I flew it south about 50-miles to the panel importer's field where they had the second panel that had to be ordered, and installed and initialized that. The wiring was already there, so it was mostly plug and play. Anyway, I expect to be flying around New England by fall, and will then upgrade my license to the next level as well to private pilot.
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