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As I go through this house room by room I've been replacing the old dbl hungs with casements. Can't beat 'em for eliminating air infiltration. We've actually added 6 new windows that weren't there before to this house. That one, because it's on a North wall, and so close to the vanities, is triple pane.

Yup, fiberglass in the 2X6 exterior walls. I have two stud bays with plumbing supply lines in them so I did already caulk the sheathing to the studs to eliminate air infiltration in the bays.

Turns out I wasn't a fan of those flimsy 3 gang 44 CI Carlon boxes either. They also deform a bit when nailed tight to the stud and yeah - they tend to bend inward. I solved the latter with drywall shims but in the end I swapped them out the day after I installed them for heavier duty 53 CI 3 gangs. They don't deform when nailed on, and the extra CI's helps with wiring and keeps box "fill" well within code. Still had to shim them a little.
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