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Hello, I read forum rules and states not to open a new thread for questions on same project. I have 2 technical questions and would like to have opinion as to which is best.

Using the bonding method not the traditional method, recessed shower on a concrete slab, once ready to waterproof, here are the options Im looking at:

Option 1, Regard or Hydro Ban the entire area including backerboard, pre sloped bed, bonding drain etc. I don't have much experience so Im not sure if this method alone will hold up once or if water gets thru the grouts and into the bed

Option 2, use Laticrete Membrane on the entire area plus add Redgard on the joints, corners etc. I think this is most waterproof but not sure if using both methods combined is an over kill or if one offsets the other and is actually worst to use together

Option 3, use Laticrete Membrane only on the entire area

The other question is in reference to the curb threshold. I removed the unneeded additional 4in of curb that was on top of the slab outside. So now I have only 4in down, in essence, I kinda of still have a curb top. I have about 5in before my bathroom wood floor starts, I will be installing a semi-frameless sliding door and will put threshold for it sit on and a finishing piece on the outer side.

My question is, would it be a good idea to have the Threshold slightly over the curb into the shower about 1/8in so that it does not touch where the Threshold & inner tile grout line meet, this way water drips' directly into shower floor vs dripping down the inner tiles? I think this will help a bit since water is not touching the inner grout lines, but not sure.

Thank You
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