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First thing we'd need to know is the purpose of this additional subflooring. You are planning perhaps to install ceramic or stone tile over what you're constructing?

Cliff has you pointed in the right direction except I think he got his part backward:
Originally Posted by Cliff
Next, check for flatness. Your subfloor only had to be level, not flat.
If you're doing a tile installation, you need a flat substrate. The tiles care not a whit about level, only about flat. The larger the tiles, the more they care.

But let's start with the purpose of your floor improvement, shall we? And what you're starting with. You say you have "1 inch tongue and groove subfloor." That's T&G what? Sawn boards? Plywood? OSB? Other? And is it actually a full inch thick?

Then, of course the joist structure as Cliff pointed out.

This part of the project from your Overpricing thread?

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