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Karen, those photos don't really tell us anything at all except that the bubble is in different places in the different photos.

Keep in mind that your tiles don't give a rat's patooti whether your floor is level, they care only about flat. The larger they are, the more they care.

Best way to evaluate the floor flatness is to use the longest straight-edge you can comfortably fit in the area you want to measure and evaluate the flatness with that. The industry standard for tiles with no side longer than 15 inches is no deviation from intended plane of more than 1/4" in ten feet nor 1/16th" in one foot. Flatter for bigger tiles. For smaller areas you'll need to extrapolate your readings, of course.

It would, of course, be beneficial for you to know why your floor may have taken on a profile other than flat or level so you could repair it if necessary, but it doesn't need to be level unless you just want it level or to accommodate a tub installation or similar reason.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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