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Photos have been retrieved. In short, the lack of memory seems to have been the culprit.

The process went something like this:
-Phone had a ton of photos, but nothing was visible in the “camera roll”.
-Phone was extremely full on memory.
-1-2 Gb of memory was freed up by deleting non-essential stuff and that allowed the phone to recognize and propagate ~1,000 photos into the camera roll.
-But with the propagation of photos, the little bit of freed-up memory was consumed.
-More memory was freed by deleting more non-essential stuff.
-And another ~1,000 photos propagated onto the camera roll.
-This cycle was repeated multiple times and, eventually, all the photos propagated back into the camera roll.
-By the last cycle, the phone no longer went into automatic shut down.
-Entire operation took several hours.

After the photos were retrieved, did some basic housekeeping with cleaning away extra stuff and backing things up. The result was the complete functionality of the phone being restored.

If I could do it all over again, I’d delete ~5Gb of apps (which isn’t hard to do if the app has a bunch of accompanying data) from the moment I lost the pictures. Not positive, but this might have saved me all annoying shutdowns and slow incremental restoration.

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