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Photo recovery from iPhone SE?

Got a two-year old iPhone SE with several thousand photos. The full 32 gigs of storage are full. So, the intention was to remove 16 gigs of photos by pulling them onto the Mac via a program called iPhoto.

Upon plugging the phone in, the computer only recognized 63 pictures as being “new” out of the thousands. So, they were selected and loaded onto the computer. Then iPhoto’s asked to delete the 63 pictures from the phone. Said, “Yes”....then BLAM-O!!! 100% of all photos and all folders vanished from the phone. The photo section is blank, as though it’s a brand new phone.

Nothing in “Recently deleted”. No folders of photos, whatsoever. Yet...the phone’s “Settings” still report that the phone is using all 32 gigs of I think the photos are still in the phone...somewhere. But to add insult to injury, the phone has suddenly started shutting down after a minute of turning it on. So it’s pretty hard to hunt around.

Phone hasn’t been backed up in 66 weeks. No iCloud storage.

Anyone have experience with this or with buying a data recovery program to extract photos?

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