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Probably not, Bert.

When the bottom row of wall tile is pulled it's more than likely that the AD is going to tear, come off, or otherwise be compromised. If the AD is compromised along the line where the bottom and 2nd row meet there won't be any effective way to re-apply the AD so that it overlaps and bonds to the layer above.

If water gets past the AD and into the purple board it's just a matter of time. Unfortunately it will take a while for the damage to show up, and certainly longer than it'll take your check to the contractor to clear. Yeah, maybe he'll offer an expended warranty to appease you, and maybe he'll even honor that warranty when you call him, but do you really want to go through this again?

IMO, of course.

I've not looked up the specs for AD; is it even allowed to be applied to purple board?
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