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Were I to contract someone to build anything with tile for me, I'd have something like the following words in the contract:
"The (construction) shall be done according to the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) guidelines for the method selected (you might prefer some particular method - a bit of review of the various ones would be prudent)."

You're right, there are numerous methods to build a reliable shower. It's not technically hard, but it is VERY detail oriented. Skipping one step or doing it incorrectly can doom the whole install. The TCNA handbook lists them along with the critical steps. That does not overrule the manufacturer's instructions for the materials selected. It's best to choose a method and manufacturer with a good track record.

One method many people do not know is the use of a surface applied sheet membrane. FWIW, NOble, then Schluter started these, and they've been around for about 30-years, so not new.
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