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Thanks for all the responses. We are getting closer. We have been leveling the floor and the walls. I decided to remove the plaster and wall board that was uneven and start with the bare studs on the wall.

We had previously put in a new subfloor on top of new sistered joists. The end result was not as flat as I had hoped. We used Henry's Feather finish to fill low spots. Using an 8' straight edge, we can just barely slide an 1/8 inch spacer in a few spots on the floor. We also set down three of the 17 x 26 inch tiles and slid them around to different positions. A couple spots we got a very slight rocking of 1/16 inch or less. Will that be flat enough?

On the wall framing, all gaps under an 8' straight edge are less than 1/8 inch.

I was originally planning drywall with kerdi over it for both wall surfaces. Now I am wondering if kerdiboard might be a better or easier option. The new wall framing for one of the walls ends at a chimney. That means that the wall board must span about 20", which is the width of the chimney, and fasten to the chimney in the corner where the shower will be.

Watching one of the kerdiboard videos, the installers make it look ridiculously easy to slap on 6 or so spots of mortar then tap the kerdiboard plumb with a level. That looks like a good way to attach to the chimney which is plaster on top of brick.

Price is a factor. What price can I expect to pay for kerdiboard vs drywall with kerdi? Obviously drywall is extremely cheap. Does anyone know of a good place to buy kerdiboard in the Detroit area?

Home Depot has ditra in stock although it does not show up on their website. I was seeing kerdi on their website but when I searched yesterday, I cannot find any Schluter products at all on their website.
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