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I'm looking to improve my knowledge and understanding of mud, so I have a few questios for the experts here. The questions are for horizontal (floor) applications over rough and uneven concrete.
1. The Quikrete data sheet for the Sand topping mix, which we use, says to use acrylic fortifier for up to 1" thick mud for improved bonding. Not clear if that is bonding of the mix or bonding to the substrate. Then in a different paragraph it says for 1" to 2" thick use concrete bonding adhesive. So far so good. But then it says you cannot use both. Why? What is the reasoning there?
2. What do you do if your substrate is uneven and your mud bed needs to be <1" in some parts and >1" in others? Which rule applies?
3. The data sheet mentions thick setting beds for tile, but it appears to be mainly directed at concrete overlays. Do the instructions for acrylic and bonding adhesive apply to both uses? Obviously the setting bed is mixed drier.
4. The data sheet says for use up to 2" thick. What happens if you try to use it 2.5" or 3" thick?
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