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Brainstorm ideas:

Don't hide it, make it as pretty as possible. Use a short section of copper DWV between the two vanities, with shielded rubber couplings on each end inside the vanities. Run copper water supply lines behind the copper DWV where they are mostly obscured, or between the block and the drywall.

Get a short section of 6" or 8" plastic pipe, cut it half axiallly, figure out how to mount it to the wall, and paint it to match the wall.

Box it out with wood, paint it to match the wall or the vanities.

Fur out the wall from the floor to approximately vanity height, just between the vanities. Optionally extend the vanity top material to cover this rectangular wall bulge. Either as all one piece, or for easier installation, an extra little piece of material between the vanity tops at a lower height.

Fur out the entire wall behind the vanities, either to vanity height or to the ceiling.

Cheers, Wayne
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