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FTS-150 Blade Wobble - Fixed (my fault)

I have been lurking on this site for a couple of months now and after reading all the posts about saws, decided on a Felker FTS-150 saw. Purchased from construction complete and received it today. After trueing up the saw, I made a few cuts and trued it some more . I noticed it was always chipping at the beginning of a cut and at the end, the unrestrained piece would "jump" away from the blade. It seems that the blade is wobbling about twice it width. I tried reversing the blade after searching the posts and that helped a little. When I put a square up against the blade and rotate it by hand, it appears that there is less than 1/32 of runout, but I loosened the blade and rotated it to see if the "tight" spot would follow the blade or the saw, and it seemed to follow the saw... I made a partial cut and at the beginning of the cut, the kerf is 1/8" wide, and in the middle of the cut it is down to 1/16". Seems like the blade wobbles until it begins cutting. I am tempted to go to Lowes or HD and get a blade with a smaller diameter to add stiffness and minimize the effect of any runout. Any ideas anyone. Thanks.

PS if it doesn't show up in the profile, my first name is Sam

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