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I leave written cleaning instructions with each customer, advising them to clean the grout I just sealed ONLY with a NEUTRAL stone & grout cleaner or with a little dish detergent in the mop water. I also give the following written advice:

"DO NOT USE ANY OTHER CLEANING PRODUCTS, including cleansers, abrasive pads or brushes, bleach, acidic or alkaline tile and grout cleaners, soap scum removers, vinegar, solvents, or other household cleaners. Most of these products will damage the grout or strip the sealer off of the grout."

In nine years, I have received no more than a dozen call-backs because the sealer failed or wore out. All but 2 of those customers admitted that they did not follow my instructions and had been cleaning with Pinesol or Wet Swiffers, etc. The other 2 hadn't cleaned at all, apparently believing that sealer would prevent the floors from getting dirty. [Note: I always try to take the time to go over these instructions with the customer's hired housekeepers when they don't do their own cleaning. I stress to the housekeepers or cleaning crew that if they follow my instructions, they won't have to work as hard.]

Since I have only been doing this for 9 years, I don't really know if the sealers I use will hold up as long as the manufacturers say (up to 15 years for some and up to 22 years for another), but I am impressed that they have lasted for more than just a couple of years.

The bottom line for me, however, is that I only offer a one-year warranty on the sealing, and that is voided if they violate my written cleaning instructions.
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