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Sealer longevity vs. label info

Have you ever wondered about the dramatic difference between manufacturers printed information on the longevity of their sealers?

Example: The Aqua Mix Sealers Choice Gold label indicates it should last "up to 15 years."

Bulletproof sealer label indicates it should last 3-5 years.

10 years is quite a difference between two well regarded products that seem to be of the "high end." Does "last up to 15 years" apply to the Bulletproof the same as expected wear of 3-5 years would apply to the AM? OR, will the AM just simply last that much longer than the Bulletproof?

Any experience / opinion on real world longevity? Assuming the sealers were applied indoors to a kitchen area floor in the same conditions. Will the AM really last 3-5 times longer than the Bulletproof? Is the AM really that much more durable? Is the Bulletproof info more realistic than the claims of the AM?

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