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Preferred Kerdi Shower Wall Material

Hello again. I am starting another walk-in shower project and decided to use the Kerdi shower system. I’ll buy the kit that has the floor pan, curb, drain, rolls of membrane, corners and seals. Also planning to try the prefab rectangular bench.

Right now I am demo’ed down to the bare wall studs and 1x6 diagonal plank sub floor. Will put a layer of 3/4” plywood on the floor but looking for advice on the preferred wall material to apply the Kerdi membrane onto. I’ve always gone the traditional 1/2” cement board route with redgard but Kerdi appears to allow other substrates.

Is there one that is recommended or is it just personal choice based on cost and ease of installation? I don’t mind the added cost and effort of using cement board or plywood vs. drywall if there is some advantage. Two of the three wall are exterior if that makes any difference.

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