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Since I have a ramp going up into the house shower and the peak at the door line and then it slopes down to the drain the door should not drag even if I use a sweep.
I don't really want a peak with a grout joint right below the door so putting a strip across is a good idea. I can make this strip extremely perpendicular to the door mounting wall. It will reduce the angles between each change of plane. Using Dilex-EKE complicates the installation quite a bit and requires quite a bit of calculating and consternation. Plus this is my first Schluter linear grate to set and I really don't like the design so much. This grate is made out of very thin gauge material like 24-26 and the only thing supporting this grate in the channel body is going to be a half inch thick wall of thinset. The channel body flange does have a folded over lip a little bit.
In carpentry they say measure twice and cut once but if you do make a mistake you can always just Chuck that piece of wood but in tiling it's a whole different story of permanence. As I drink my morning coffee contemplating my day I want to salute all Tiler's in the world for their dedication and abilities that many many people don't appreciate. Many consumers even myself are like why do Tile guys charge so much? well the answer is if you want a job that's done right looks good it's going to last for 50 years you better pay a good price.

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