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OK, those are both great suggestions

I had read specs on these and other "patching" compounds, and I kind of came to the conclusion they were intended only for small imperfections, like divots and cracks, not for leveling bigger surface.

Also I had written them off because of max 1/2" thickness... but now, looking at my "flatness" measurements the biggest birdbath I have to deal with is about 5 s.f. of -5/16" depth, so I guess either Henry's Featheredge or Mapei Planipatch will work for this job.

There is a flat area of the floor between two depressed areas, so I can screed the area closest to the far wall, then set up for a second screed along the area adjoining the future wood flooring.

It is strange that the term "thixotropic" mortar seems to exist only in other English speaking countries, but not here in U.S. Mapei makes several of them, including one called "Nivolevel" that can go on twice as thick as Planipatch, but apparently marketed only in Europe and Australia.

OK, gotta do the math and pricing, pick a product, return the SLC to the Borg, and flatten this floor...
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