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Thanks. The drain seems to flow freely as soon as I clear off the grate. If someone mistakenly put thinset or something else too close to the outer ring of holes in the grate, is there a good tool for breaking up the thinset (or similar material) so we can re-lay the same material somewhat further below the grate.

Also, as far as this: "With the grate off, look at that "thinset" substance again. It could be mineral build-up, and if so, could mean that the weepholes that allow the floor to drain completely are clogged. That is not a good thing. It would require some or all of the floor tiles to be removed."

I did some Googling on weep holes because I don't know them yet, and it seems there are 2 types of weepholes: 1) weephones related to the drain. 2) A couple of sites said that tile shower walls should have weep holes at the bottom of the walls so that moisture that gets into the walls behind the tiles has a place to drain out when it reaches the bottom of the wall.

I figure you're talking about #1. Where do weepholes like that go to? Do they lead to the drain, or do they go somewhere else. I'm in a single story house in FL so there are no rooms, and no basement below the shower.

I'll try to see if there is mineral build-up under the grate. Is mineral build-up basically loose so you can move it, or hardened and attached to the drain?

I'm new to tile because my whole life I had showers in bathtubs. Thanks to everyone for the advice. It's helpful.
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