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I'm not sure what's under the tile because it was done before I bought the house. The mildew is not very bad and primarily occurs somewhat in the summer months when I have to travel for 4 months for the nonprofit I work for and sublet my place. It's part-way due to the FL summer heat, and part-way because when I'm here I mostly shower at the gym down the street after working out, and the renter uses it more often.

It's almost all on the floor and lowest 4 inches of the walls. Are there any easy corrective steps short of ripping out the tiles to fix what's under them, which besides the cost, I can't find matching tiles for. The whole shower matches itself and the bathroom floor.

I have a vent above the toilet, and would not be able to get one above the shower itself because the roof is so low above it that there's only 8" of crawl space and impossible to get anything there. There is, though, a 6 foot by 18 inch opening above the top of the glass, so the mist moves out of there much faster than most enclosed showers I've seen. The glass rises 6'4" above the floor of the shower, and then there's an 18" opening the whole 6' length of the shower. I'm not sure if I could get a renter to leave the door open, though I could ask them to.

One thing I assume adds to it is the AC duct going to the bathroom is small and it has a large window with eastern/southern exposure, so the bathroom gets hotter than anywhere in the house. I could buy a tinted sun blocking film that blocks about 70% of the rays, and about 60% of the heat coming through the glass to reduce the heat effect. I could also try to get the HVAC company to get more AC in there, though I'm not sure if they can get a wider duct through the narrow gap.

Another idea is that I notice the metal screen covering the drain easily gets blocked with hair/soap suds and if I don't clean it out after every shower, then each shower ends with 1-2 inches of water on the floor. It seems like it drains out within an hour, though if my renter isn't cleaning the screen, I imagine water may be sitting in there for 2-3 hours which combined with the heat might be a recipe for mildew. I don't think a renter is going to stay on top of cleaning the screen every shower, so I likely need to make it so it drains better.

The screen is 4 inches wide, but the outer ring of holes has something (thinset or something else) less than a quarter inch under them so I assume those holes don't get a lot of flow. That leaves only a 2 1/4" circle of holes that get maximum flow and as soon as a small number of hairs/suds block them, the water backs up. My showerhead has amazing water pressure and cranks out something like 4 gallons a minute. To start, would it make sense to remove some of the stuff under the outer ring so there's an inch of space under the whole screen and see if that helps drainage?

It looks like the drain itself doesn't start until about 1 1/2 inches down, though I'd have to get the screen off to verify, and it seems like the screws are stripped on it.

I tried to give plenty of details so you all would have more to go on.


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