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Questions about grout work in my shower

I had mildew on a little of the grout in my tile shower. The grout lines are 1/4 wide. A handyman viewed it and said chlorox would get the mildew out, and the problem was it was sanded grout, and that showers should always have unsanded grout. He removed about 90% of the mildew with chlorox, on the first application of it, but we were running out of time that day. He said I should redo the grout in unsanded grout. He said his wife was excellent at replacing grout and that everything he learned about grout he got from her, and that I should have her do it. I decided to do that and when we were at the Home Depot picking up some other stuff, we got the unsanded grout he said we needed.

She came over, removed the remaining mildew and did the grout and also said unsanded was needed in the shower. She said that the previous person did it wrong.

She came back the next day to finish up and she said the grout she did was cracking in spots and she put another coat on some spots, and told me not to use the shower and would be back to finish up.

That night I was at the Home Depot, and a guy there who said he had done a lot of tile work said unsanded should only be used in lines 1/8th or narrower, and anything over 1/8 needs to be sanded. I searched online and it appears he’s correct, but I want to be sure before I tell her.

If it should be sanded, do you think it’s fair for her to return it to the original sanded (I have more of the same type) and refund me the money that she charged to make it unsanded?

Or return it to sanded, and not refund me the money? I’m a somewhat new homeowner so I haven’t come across this and would appreciate advice on what is fair. What is the best method for removing the sanded grout that was recently put down and should all of the sanded be removed, or only 1/8th” - for example, will the sanded stick to the unsanded fine, or will it stick better to the original sanded better that is still part-way under the new grout)? Thanks.
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