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Keeping a tile shower clean, and removing stains from floor grout

Greetings all,

I'm looking for advice on a good cleaning product/mixture to use on my newly constructed glazed ceramic shower (with slate mosaic pan tile)

it was constructed with cement backer board, poly vapor barrier behind, versabond thinset, and polyblend grout (haystack on the walls, new taupe on the pan). it has been sealed with penetrating sealer.

I'm hoping to clean the shower on a weekly basis, preferably nothing with scrubbing, would like a fire-and-forget type spray if possible.

The shower has been in use for about three months, no mold or staining of any kind thus far; im just trying to stave off the inevitable i suppose.

I am also looking to clean a darkened grout line on my kitchen floor; porcelain tile, 1/4" grout lines polyblend grout (haystack), any ideas on what chemicals to use? i've seen online that some folks use a healthy dose of liquid chemical then wet-vac that off the floor.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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