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SLC is Self Leveling Concrete. It is used to level floors. Pour it on, it finds it's own level before it sets. you can use it if the structure below is already strong enough, it adds no strength of its own. In your case, if the floor is uneven, with little hills and valleys, you could use it. 3/8" to 1/2" is about as thick as you can go with it in a single pour.

Mud beds are made from a cement and sand mixture that is packed in place by hand. These give a level floor, but usually require more thickness. The minimum thickness for a "floating " mudbed is about 1". If bonded to concrete, it can be much thinner.

As I see it, the skills to make a truely flat mud bed are more involved than pouring SLC. Attention to detail and following directions are important to both.

If your concrete is flat to within 1/4" over a 10 foot area, then you don't really need either, unless you are trying to build height. If you have a couple of isolated low spots, there are patching compounds that can be screeded to fill.
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