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Pretty sure the header is only attached to the cracked joist. It's toe-nailed to it, you can see the nails in the photo. If it's nailed through the joist from the other side, I don't know, but I dont' see nail heads in the good sister. There's a nail through both joists near-by, they're nailed together every 12-16". There's some floor boards and blocking attached to that header on the other side. I could probably trim it short of the cracked joist to fit in a sister but that doesn't seem worth the effort when I can run the sister up to the header and attach them with a metal bracket instead.

The cast iron pipe is pretty solidly attached with a metal loop nailed on through an additional 1x. If I removed all that, there might be room for a metal plate or another 1x but a 2x8 is out of the question, and anyway, like you said, I don't want to mess with that. The floor boards run over both joists in that area. There's a few farther down toward the sill that I replaced that rest only on the cracked one.

I saw some information about flitch plates. Is the metal plate approach you're talking about different? I heard they need to be sandwiched between lumber so they don't buckle. Where would I get a plate like this? The 2x8 sounds less tricky.

Jim: The flooring above is old planks nailed to the joists. They seem to be tight against the joist. These particular joists are below a wall but there's plywood glued/screwed to the planks. The bathroom above is only as far as plywood on the floor but the walls are finished drywall and cement board with waterproofing on it. I'm afraid if I start jacking it up the finished walls will crack. I should have done this while everything was down to the studs but I was under the mistaken impression that the structure was good enough. The bottom of the good joist sags ~1/2" relative to the ends but the floor above, while uneven, is reasable, maybe within an 1/8 or so over 4". Flattening that out with feather patch was going to be the next step before this whole thing came up. I'll check it again tonight.

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