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No, haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

Placed batting in my walls and about ready to put up drywall. But it's all stop for a bit. I'm fine with going up for the electric but the hubby has been having alot of trouble standing. He insists on a spotter while I'm playing in the attic. Well then it turned into he couldn't get out of bed. What a fun 3 weeks. We finally made him get to the Er. Had a total hip replacement 2 days ago waiting on a bone biopsy now. So until i wrangle a spotter bathroom on hold. Life just sticking it's nose in. I've gotten alot of my small projects done on the bright side. Learn how to cook again, hubby's been the cook the past 30 years.
Making 2 kitchen sets for the kids for xmas. I think he has esp, both times i touched the ladder to go up the phone rings. Rofl
Whenever it calms down and i finish this will be the first place i post a picture of the floors and walls
Been there, done that, had fun
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