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The guy doing our tankless and my husband discussing installing the Rinnai. I haven't put that brand in. Hubby wow sounds like alot to do. Guy, yea, gotta run a line up and get 3/4 to tank. Me rolling eyes. Already have pex to location, bought valves. They were all of course drinking that night. Next day, looked at hubby. He can come 1 day after I know he is coming. Outlet is a foot on other side of wall. I will run it over and install the 3/4, 3/4 1/2 T. Before he gets here. I have 3/4 gas line right under installation site. I am going with whatever venting K wants. It can do both. Yep will do electric first, take a break the t off gas line. Not letting good ole boys know thats done till he comes over.
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