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Most any residential structures are suitable for accommodating a great deal of weight, Cherie, but you're looking for the design deflection of the joist system under a standard loading (10 psf dead load, 40 psf live). Our Deflectometer in the dark blue bar near the top of the page is a bit more conservative than that and will give a good go/no-go reading to begin your evaluation.
Well we have a wonderful discussion between 2 results for deflection. 1. L/640, 0.188
2. L/1289, .060
While they argue discuss, I am going with it's good for ceramic tile.
RE Subfloor while I was down there I think I was mistaken about subfloor. There is the picture I took from up in the bathroom and I am attaching 1 looking up from basement/ crawlspace.
This is a 1st floor(each house) bathroom Reno. Removed shower and moving location of vanity and toilet by a foot.
Picture before demo.
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Been there, done that, had fun

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