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John Bridge
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Hi Mike, All,

9-11 has taken the wind out of all of us, I'm sure. It's never going to be the same old world again, is it?


Why don't you post pictures of some of your bowls here on this forum? Email them to me, and I'll post them for you.

I do a lot of lathe work but not many bowls. Mostly spindles -- furniture parts. Mr. Frack, of course, got me going, too.

And Mrs. Frack got me going on the English language. Two fine people they were.

The Pat Bridge family is trucking right along. My oldest son, John, is a project manager in microwave construction. Lives in the Chicago area. Ken and Dan are joint venturing a new restaurant project here in the Houston area. Matt and Steve, of course, are still in high school. Matt went back to a private school this year, but Steve elected to remain home. Patti is his teacher.

I'm booked work-wise into April, and I doubt I'll be able to get away to Seattle next summer. I'm afraid it's going to be one of those years where there is no vacation. Too many committments.

I hope all of you and yours are safe and happy.


Here's a little lathe project I have posted on another part of this site.

There are two of them. They are made entirely from pieces of red oak 5/4 stair treads I salvaged from a job I did the tile work on. The curved backs are formed by laminating 14 strips of 1/8 inch oak together. The legs are glue ups of 2 pieces of 5/4.

I've built a lot of things out of wood, but I'll tell you, building chairs is about the most challenging thing I've done.

You might be interested in the other forum. There are pics of other projects by me and by others. You are most welcome to participate.

Didn't mean to turn this into a woodworking thread.

Happy Holidays to all!

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