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Originally Posted by doitright
Hi Pam

What am I, minced meat?
I was referring to you in the third person. :-)

Originally Posted by doitright

We normally don't use straight vinegar for a test. We start off 50/50 with water. Personally, I like to see the beveled edge (if there is one).

How does the grout look, now that it is dry from your test?

It's your call, if you're happy with the color, then it just needs to be sealed.
If not, colorant or stain is in order. You can't add that thin of a layer of grout on the top (even though some people attempt it).

Too late, I already did the 100% vinegar (patience is not one of my virtues). It looks a little darker, but I liked the color it was when wet -- quite dark. After reading some more I am wondering if when I enhance/seal the travertine, I can enhance/seal the unsanded grout on the granite, instead of dying it the original color??? I know sanded grout will not be enhanced, but will the unsanded?

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